Amanda Rose

Background Vocals

Teaching herself to play on her Aunt and Uncle’s piano and making up songs that filled their farmhouse, certainly left no doubt that Amanda Rose would have music in her life forever. She was always easy to listen to and now she brings 10 yrs of stage experience, along with her dynamic tone, to the back-up harmonies that are laced throughout the Bob Seger & Silver Bullet Band sound and the sound of - ATW.  Amanda played French horn and trumpet into her late 20’s, while flute and piano continue to be part of her musical expression. She has on-going projects with: “The Amanda Rose Band” and acoustic duo, “Gordon & Rose”. Other bands she has performed with include: Li’l Steve Band, Honey & The Hurricane and Mint.   
Jam-nights are a great networking tool for musicians and Amanda is always in demand, being booked by various bands as lead and back-up singer. It keeps her schedule busy, but when she first heard this band rockin’ it out on ‘Hollywood Nights’, she loved the quality and energy.   
We’ve got Amanda Rose and it’s obvious at every performance – ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ covered thanks to the whole team behind the powerhouse tribute band – ATW