Jeffrey Dean Goldstein

Drummer and Founder of ATW (Against The Wind)

Jeffrey Dean Goldstein’s clear vision has attracted respected musicians to join this rock solid tribute production that honours the huge catalogue of Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band.

As a 7 year old, Jeff had become inspired by music thanks to his Aunt Marm, who had embraced the “Hippie-Era-Vibe”. She offered him the chance to sit in a 60’s decked-out room with strobe lighting and experience the likes of Led Zeppelin and their LZII vinyl.

During this time, Jeff was wowed by the album cover - “Somethin’ Else!” shared by 2 bands, “The Paupers and David Clayton Thomas” and “The Shays”. This live shot taken from the rear, showed the band on-stage looking out at the audience with huge amps, all the gear with audience flash bulbs going off and that was it… this turned out to be the pivotal moment he remembers as being the - “I gotta do that” realization!

The bug was planted! By the age of 10, Jeff began learning the drums and at 14, had played his first professional gig, with the band Jester. His ability to see potential, even from an early age, led Jeff and fellow band member, Brian Maxim (Stumbling Blind Moxy), to create a successful new version of Jester.

Since his days as a teenager, Jeff’s keen sense of classic rock, jazz and blues has sustained his passion and drive for quality that continues to bring him gigs performing and touring with high profile Canadian talent both in the cover and original genres such as:

  • Fingers - the Paul Ryan Band (with Joe De Angelis of Thundermug and Kam Marshman)
  • Fable Manor - (Polydor Records)
  • Viva La Bido - a Steve Blimkie project (Reddi Records)
  • Jeremy Waterhouse – Singer/songwriter
  • The Petition (with Bruce and Ted Nasmith)
  • Too Drunk to Fish Band
  • The Loaded Blues Band

Session work, gigs and launching his own recording studio in the GTA, certainly keeps Jeff busy but his drive and well-trained skill are focused on this venture making it the ultimate Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band tribute experience and adventure for audiences that booking agents are confident spells success.

Thanks to Jeff’s vision and the talent he brings combined with the other members, this band is solid “Like A Rock”, and you spell their undeniable success - ATW.