Josh Gordon


From about the age of 6, Josh Gordon found himself taking lessons for classical piano. But eventually one day, he was in the living room and picked up his Mom’s guitar and he immediately felt a connection when he started to play. The piano lessons did pay off in the end – learning the fundamentals of music so he was able to teach himself to play guitar. Josh brings years of experience in all genres from heavy metal to acoustic, adding to the talent pool that is – ATW.  Performance highlights include opening for Jeff Healey, Fathead, Wild T & the Spirit and David Wilcox along with reoccurring gigs on the festival circuit throughout Southern Ontario.   

Josh has been honoured to play with talented nominees and award winners such as: Tom Barlow, Jack de Keyzer, Michael Fonfara, Danny Marks, Maureen Brown, Martin Aucoin and Sarina Paris along with a roster of notable musicians including: James Gray and Mark French - Blue Rodeo, Travis Colby – Roomful of Blues and Gary Storin – The Stampeders.   

As a studio musician, Josh has been featured on tracks for Redbird, The Jukes, The Blazers, and Frank Cosentino etc. His work can be heard on Canadian radio and internationally on Internet stations.  

Following a unique career that wasn’t on the ebony and ivory path, just proves where there’s a connection, there’s a reason and when Josh Gordon is “Lookin’ Back”, it was all meant to be, just like his connection now with – ATW.